Raising A Budding Chef? This Is The Class You Should Be Checking Out This Season!

The minute I set foot in the kitchen, my child tiptoes me and closely watches what I do. Offering a hand in any little task, my little one loves to watch and learn when I am cooking and also loves to join me on my baking experiments! If your child feels like a Little Masterchef at home, maybe you need to enrol them in a class, where they can be just that!

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Flavour Diaries:

Flavour Diaries is a fun hands-on cooking class for kids founded by chef Anjali Pathak. Trained at the prestigious Leiths School of Food & Wine in London. With a Diploma in Nutrition and teaching experience in London, Anjali Pathak looks to infuse International flavours into our Indian homes and kitchens.

What’s special for kids: 

Each class for kids is well thought of, planned and curated keeping in mind, what children today love to eat and learn.

Italian Pasta Shapes Class: Your kids can now make their own pasta and eat it too! This class helps kids make pastas using their own pasta machine and cut it into the right shapes and enjoy it with freshly made pasta sauce.

Mexican Tacos & Dips Class: In this class, kids will learn to make 2 different fillings of Charred Corn Salsa and Fajita Veggies and pile them into soft flour tortillas.

All these classes are suitable for all ages and all dishes be fully vegetarian. If the children are less than 85cm, parents will have to assist them on the cooking station.

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What’s new:

Keeping in mind the holiday season, Flavour Dairies has introduced two new classes for kids:

Xmas Baking Class: Here kids will learn to bake the traditional British Mince Pies (fruit-based sweet desserts – fully vegetarian) and sweet Gingerbread, working with pastry and cookie dough baking beautiful Christmas treats

Gingerbread House Class: Here, the kids learn how to put together a festive Gingerbread House and also decorate it to perfection.

Japanese Sushi For Kids:  Kids can learn how to make delicious sushi just like a pro. They’ll learn how to make perfect sushi rice, create a Futomaki (sushi roll), and make delicious Yakitori Skewers.

You can check out the list of classes coming up this season right here. 

Website: Flavour Diaries

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Contact: 9820143404

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