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10 months ago
Product review: Lakme 9 to 5 complexion care cream

Are you someone who prefers BB or CC creams over foundation for everyday use? Then you must be on the hunt for good BB or CC creams that match your skin tone and doesn’t have a cakey finish. Before anything else, you must know in detail the difference between BB, CC or DD cream and which is the right one for you There are so many BB, CC creams available in the market and I always thought that they just weren’t my thing until recently I finally decided to try Lakme’s 9 to 5 complexion care cream. I am really excited to share my review with you guys. Here you go:

Product description: From Lakme’s 9-5 range that consists of products that claim to last from morning 9 to evening 5, this cream is a complexion care cream(Bronze) that lasts all day.

Price: It is priced at Rs 99 for 9 grams. This is the smallest tube you get. There are bigger packs available too.

Packaging and what they claim: It comes in a sleek tube inside a hot pink carton box. The easy-to-use tube makes it very easy for the cream to slide out. On the packaging, they claim to instantly protect, moisturise, brighten, even the skin tone, conceal and freshen your skin.

Pros and cons:
It absolutely fulfils the claim it makes. If you have an uneven skin tone, you just need to apply a bit of this cream and you will have your skin tone even. Even though it doesn’t conceal as good as a foundation, it pretty much does a great job. The best, however, still remains that it moisturises very well and gives a dewy look that makes your skin look rejuvenated.

The product doesn’t have many cons for that matter. However, there aren’t many variations of the CC cream available for different skin tone. Make it a point to swatch it before purchase.

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