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Product review: Coloressence compact powder

When it comes to picking up beauty products, I am very choosy. I am not a person who will pick makeup products based on their brands or appearance. I prefer looking through reviews on the Internet or getting recommendations from friends to chose a product. However, I went to a local beauty store to buy gifts for my friend and the salesperson convinced me to pick up Coloressence compact powder (which I have never heard of before). And after using the product, I do not regret my decision. Here’s my review of the product. Also read about Mineral make-up: What’s all the hype about?

What does it claim?

The ingredients of Coloressence compact powder are rose oil, clove oil, aloe vera extract. 100% vegetarian. No animal ingredients. As per the description on the product, the powder helps to control the sweat and gives a smooth coverage to the skin, thus hiding the spots and freckles. It is available in four different shades — brown, beige, ivory and pink. A 10 gm of compact powder will cost you Rs. 160.00/-.

My review:

When applied to the skin, the product imparts a matte finish gives you a natural look. However, it doesn’t stay all day long. You have to reapply it after 5-6 hours for it to stay all day long. It comes with a black packing, which is very attractive and contains a puff and a transparent plastic cover that separates the powder from the puff. So you do not have to worry about contamination of the product because of the puff. As it is available in four shades, you can pick the one that suits your tone. The product is priced very economical and provides you value for the money. It fails to cover freckles and blemishes. It is sweat resistant, a great product for people with oily or combination skin. Although I bought the product from a local store, you can order online (and get some discount). Overall, I am happy with the product and I would recommend you to give it a try!

My rating: 4.5/5.

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Disclaimer: TheHealthSite does not endorse any brands and is not responsible for its efficacy. The review is based on the author’s experience with the product.

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