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11 months ago
Prevention Of Childhood Cancer

Here’s how you can prevent childhood cancer.

1. Set Good Examples: One of the main things a parent must do to ensure the health and safety of their child is to set a good example for them, by following healthy habits themselves as parents.

2. Quit Smoking : As we know, smoking cigarettes is an extremely dangerous habit which can bring in a host of diseases, including cancer, not only in the smoker, but also in people around him/her!

3. Breastfeed Them Longer: The fact is that, a number of research studies have opined that breastfeeding a child for up to 2 or 3 years, can have a number of health benefits! Breast milk can increase the immunity of the child against a number of deadly diseases, including cancer! So, breastfeeding your child for a longer time can also help prevent cancer in children.

4. Monitor Their Diet: We must monitor their eating habits closely and ensure that they consume enough greens, fruit, vegetable and milk, so that their bodies are strong enough to fight the growth of cancerous cells.

5. Avoid Pollution: Try to keep your child away from pollution as much as possible because pollution is also one of the major causes for cancers like lung cancer and skin cancer in children.

6. Add More Omega-3 In Their Diet : Omega-3 fatty acids are a chain of fatty acids which can benefit our health in a number of ways.

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