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11 months ago
Pregnancy tip #43 — Use this manjan (tooth powder) to keep dental problem at bay

During pregnancy, your oral health also goes through a lot of changes due to the hormonal upheavals. The area becomes sensitive, sore and prone to infections as well. In fact, many women tend to develop teeth sensitivity during pregnancy. This is why they say it is important to be careful with your dental hygiene during pregnancy. Many experts believe that going for a dental check-up pre-pregnancy is necessary. As one won’t be able to go for any dental check-ups or procedures during pregnancy as it can lead to troubles with the growing fetus and restrict growth and development. In fact, if an expectant mom is exposed to x-rays and other dental equipment during pregnancy it can lead to damage to major organs in the baby. Here are some dental care dos and don’ts to follow during pregnancy.

In fact, during pregnancy, a woman might have to face dental problems like caries, halitosis, aphthous ulcers, bleeding gums and much more. If there is an existing dental condition it can worsen during pregnancy. So, it is necessary to take care of oral hygiene during this time. Bad oral hygiene, in fact, could be a reason for acidity in pregnant women. Good oral hygiene and proper salivation are necessary for assimilation of food as that will nourish the baby. Using a herbal manjan can help to keep the teeth clean, strengthen the gums and initiate good salivation. Here is why you should chew food properly during pregnancy.

Here is how you can make a herbal manjan

Get Triphala, babul, Bakul, pomegranate peels, gulvel and liquorice powder and mix them well thoroughly. This powder should be used instead of the regular toothpaste to massage the teeth and the gums. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to rub the powder over your teeth and gums. Instead of spitting away the powder out, sip some water and squish your mouth, gargle with this mixture for a while and then spit it out. This will help to remove the sticky phlegm in the throat and prevent throat infections and tonsillitis during pregnancy. Alternatively, you can also use sesame oil for gum massage.

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