Ponk (roasted tender sorghum snack) — 7 reasons you must eat this delicious Indian superfood in winter

Have you eaten ponk or paunk or roasted tender sorghum grains? Ponk is a popular winter snack in Gujarat, Maharashtra and other parts of India, that’s made by roasting tender sorghum grains and tossing these with sev and dash of lemon juice. From the cold winter months of November to Februray, you can see food hawkers selling these tiny bright green coloured, chewy, juicy grains. It’s so popular in places like Surat that food enthusiasts across India travel all the way to Surat just to relish a bowl of this sweet, savoury delightful snack. But did you know that ponk has a number of health benefits? Clinical nutritionist and diabetes educator Sneha Sadhwani tells us more about the health benefits of ponk.

1) High in fibre: One serving of ponk has 40-45% of dietary fibre. This is extremely beneficial for the gut. With a healthy gut, you won’t experience problems like stomach aches, bloating or flatulence and even acne.

2) Slow breakdown of fat: Tender sorghum slows down the release of glucose (sugar) into the blood stream. Sorghum regulates blood sugar and insulin levels thus making it an idea food for diabetics.

3) Beneficial for those with high cholesterol: Sorghum regulates cholesterol levels in the body. The fibre in it helps eliminate bad cholesterol. It is therefore good for those with heart disease and high cholesterol.

4) It’s gluten-free: Thos with celiac disease or gluten intolerance who cannot digest the gluten protein can have sorghum instead of wheat, oats or other glutinous grains.

5) High in antioxidants: Many diseases are linked to oxidative stress. Tender sorghum is packed with antioxidants that help your body fight oxidative stress and eliminate free radical damage. Sorghum consumption can help you prevent diseases like gout, cancer, arthritis and even skin conditions like acne.

6) Packed with minerals: Tender sorghum is very high in minerals like iron, prosperous, zinc, copper, vitamin b and magnesium.

7) It is an Indian grain: It’s one of the most ancient Indian grains and is hence more suitable for our bodies. You don’t need to ditch quinoa and oats but always include local grains and foods in your diet too.

While eating ponk will give you all the health benefits of tender sorghum, don’t forget to have plenty of water too. Fibre consumption should be supplemented with proper and adequate hydration or else you could suffer from constipation and bloating.

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