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1 year ago
Paris Hilton Casually Impersonates Kim Kardashian in the New Yeezy Campaign, Because Why Not?

After Kim Kardashian and Kanye West released Yeezy season six images via Kim's Instagram in December 2017, the duo teamed up for another drop of pics, which were posted right before the official collection launch. This series, however, involves everyone from Paris Hilton (Kim's former boss) to Sarah Snyder (Jaden Smith's ex and model) impersonating Kim in the exact same poses.

Of course, everyone's got their tight spandex on in shades of camel and gray, and they're stepping out of cars or skirting the paparazzi with dad sneakers and seemingly dangerous heels on display. Whether Kanye is actually trying to show off his new clothes or offering a message to us all (IDK maybe, "my wife is a goddess and you shall all bow down to her style"?), we can't know for sure. But it's probably a little bit of both. Read on to see the shoot that everybody's talking about.

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