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7 months ago
Parenting Tip: Spend time with your kids by playing, reading, gardening and other activities

In a world of competition and skills, every parent wants to make sure that their children develop physically and mentally. Children’s growth is an important marker of their health and development and it is the need of the hour. However, given the hectic schedule and constant work pressure, most parents spend time at the office than at home. This gives very less time for parents to spend quality time or play with their kids. While children do need time to play alone and with other children without adult intervention, research shows that playtime with parents is also important. Mr Vidyasagar Kancharapu, Managing Director, Cornerstone Therapy Solutions explains why playtime with the kids is must for every parent. Here are few ways working parents can make time to play outdoors with kids.

Children desire to spend time with parents. It makes them feel special. Parents are encouraged to find time to spend playing with their kids on a regular basis. This should include one to one with each child and group time with all of the adults and kids in the house. Using TV, Ipad or other forms of screen time during play hinders the development of children. Parents need to put up a habit of spending quality time with their children right from their infancy. When infants grow up, keeping them busy with toys is not the only way to have an overall development in them. Here are few tips for parents to spend time with their kids. Also go through the kids’ activity boxes you can sign up for.

#1. Parents should engross in different activities with them, let them ask questions, get into their world, act silly with them, avoid overstimulation and know when is the time to stop.

#2. Parents must consider buying toys that keep their attention at par and engage them on an interesting note. Toys like blocks, dolls and stuffed animals, wagons, play-doh, art supplies, musical instruments, dress up clothes, balls, sandboxes and housekeeping or gardening tools intend to keep children busy and test their creativity. It is important to avoid electronic toys as it may have a negative impact on the brain. Here are 30 games from your childhood that you can teach your kid.

#3. Parents should help children when they show the need for it. Parents should gradually involve with educating children on patience, problem-solving, social skills and creativeness. Parents should also involve children in reading books since it is beneficial for them.

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