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Pan Asian Food Festival at Sheraton Hyderabad

Sheraton Hyderabad hosts some of the most incredible food festivals where every visiting chef is an expert in their culinary field. They don’t just cook in kitchen but willingly interact with guests, indulge in workshops, share their experiences, making their visit a weeklong gastronomical affair.

Just as such Sheraton recently hosted a Pan Asian food festival at their restaurant Zega, where Chef Kuan Lai, impressed everyone with his culinary skills as well as his captivating stories.

Growing around food, from a family that owned a restaurant that was passionately run with freshest of ingredients, uncompromising quality and lively crabs that people could choose for themselves, Chef Kuan went on to pursue educational proficiency in food. An avid traveller, he has picked up flavours, cooking styles from different parts of the world and tried inculcating it in what he does. Chef Kuan Lai is a great chef but even better story teller, as we munched his gastronomical creations he shared stories of his past that made him what he is today. Chef added “I have kept in mind the rich flavours of India, the food people here, love indulging in and planned my dishes accordingly. There is something for everyone."

There was an unstoppable flow of dishes that looked more like a pan Asian feast than a mere tasting. From dishes like 'Crispy Duck Mandarin Pancakes' to 'Smokey Pork Belly' that was glazed to perfection with hoisin sauce, the whole lot was an utter delight. We also tried the 'Indonesian Beef Rendang' which was spicy and included ingredients like coconut milk, ground spices, ginger, turmeric leaves, lemongrass and other spices along with the meat, served with aromatic Jasmin rice rolls. The tender 'Lemongrass chicken' and 'Crispy five spice crab spring rolls' were flavoursome. The desserts for night ' Eight Treasure Coconut Gel' was nutritionally high in value with ingredients like coconut jelly, Goji berries that seem to have wondrous effect on skin.

Visit Sheraton Hyderabad for their innovative Sunday brunch or exciting food festivals, there is always something exhilarating welcoming there guests.

Location: Financial District, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

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