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1 year ago
Our Hearts Are Breaking For This Baby Who's in a Coma After Getting RSV

Isaac Lehmann, a 9-month-old baby from Cullman, AL, is in a coma after contracting RSV, a life-threatening virus that can lead to long-term breathing issues and reduced adult lung function later in life. Marisa Griffin, a close friend of the family's, told POPSUGAR that Isaac had a runny nose and a fever for about four days. His parents noticed his breathing started getting shallow and immediately took him to the emergency room.

"Isaac and his family were on the way to the ER, which is about three minutes away, when he stopped breathing. He was resuscitated after 10 to 12 minutes, which is a substantial time without oxygen," she said, adding that, "He was then airlifted from Cullman Hospital to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL."

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