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6 months ago
Organic India launches a 28-day body cleansing kit ‘Revive Cleanse’. Will you try it?

Given the hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, most often than not, we are at the receiving end when it comes to deal with infections. However, after bingeing at parties and during festivals, we follow a detox diet to help us flush the toxins from the body and help us get back to our regular fitness routine. But we fail to do due to lack of a scheduled plan. However, if you are planning to follow a detox plan but are waiting for the right guidance, then you can think about Organic India’s ‘Revive Cleanse’ kit. A 28-day cleansing plan, it aims at purifying the system and helps you to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Also read about Ayurvedic detox diet – a step-by-step guide to cleanse your body

What is the “Revive Cleanse” kit?

Based on a research of more than one decade, the kit reclaims your health by offering a transformational solution for body cleansing. It has a detailed routine for the user that includes an exercise regime, meal replacements, essential protein, vitamin and superfoods and recipes to be consumed during the 28-day’s journey. The plan is supported by an interactive app that acts as a step-by-step guide and a ready reckon along with reminders and notification for a completely immersive experience and keep them encouraged for a successful cleanse journey. Also read about easy and affordable detox plans.

What are the contents of the kit?

The ingredients include –

  • 98 herbal infused tea’s
  • 42 smoothies
  • 42 supplements targeting cleansing and nourishment of specific body parts
  • 2 DVD’s & 2 Audio CD’s to keep up with yoga/meditation regime
  • A comprehensive guidebook complete with week wise cleansing plan and an exhaustive cleanse specific diet plan
  • Daily checklist to keep you on schedule
  • It also offers customer support through a 24X7 helpline desk and online chat.

Are these ingredients healthy?

The above ingredients offer a formulation that ensures complete protein, fibre, superfoods, greens, probiotics intake that are instrumental in nourishment and detoxification of the human body. They further aid in creating specific synergy of cleansing herbs to activate overall detoxification, address inflammation, and eliminate toxins while promoting overall health and well being. It is known that a regular cleanse can help to rejuvenate the vital organs like liver and kidney, aid in weight management by suppressing food cravings, relieve stress and help you get a good night’s sleep. Here’s all you need to know before trying a detox diet.

What is the price of the kit?

The ‘Revive Cleanse’ kit by Organic India is priced at 17500 INR.

How to get it (availability)?

You can avail the kit at the Organic India Wellness Centre in Vasant Kunj, Delhi office and Kemps corner, Mumbai.

Also read about the detox tips by Rujuta Diwekar for a fit body and glowing skin.

Let us know in the comments section if you are planning to try this 28-day whole body cleanse by Organic India.

Image Source: Organic India

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