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Orange essential oil: 7 health benefits of this oil

Obtained from the orange peel after cold compression, orange essential oil is widely used. Most of the health and beauty benefits it boasts of are due to its components like citronellol, alpha-pinene, geraniol, myrcene, limonene, etc. From treating muscle spasms to relieving inflammation and stimulating urination, orange essential oil does it all for you. With a sweet and fruity smell, this oil is known to induce peace and freshness. Obtained from the waste of orange fruit, this essential oil is considered to be the most vital by-product of citrus processing. You can also use it as a natural food additive. Here we talk about some of its known health benefits.

Orange essential oil relieves depression

The pleasant fragrance of orange essential oil can potentially make you feel good and remind you of good times. Quite frequently used in aromatherapy, this oil is considered to be a natural mood lifter. According to a study published in the journal Advanced Biomedical Research, use of this oil can potentially reduce your pulse rate and levels of cortisol hormone in the body. It has been found to help patients fight against post-traumatic stress disorder.

It helps in removing gas

Having carminative properties, orange essential oil can help in the removal of excess gas accumulated in your intestine. Notably, when gas builds up in the intestine, it gradually comes upward and results in indigestion, chest pain and extreme discomfort. Gas problem can affect your heart by increasing blood pressure. It is also known to cause acute stomach ache. If you are suffering from this issue, now you know what to use.

It improves functions of lungs

According to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, inhaling orange essential oil can potentially increase capacity of lungs and help in better breathing. Its use can also relieve pain sensations and suppress fatigue, autonomic responses and muscle pain. If you are an athlete, you can opt for this essential oil for better performance.

It improves oral health

Having anti-microbial properties, orange essential oil can help fight against dental problems. When used together with toothpaste, this oil can help you get rid of cavities. You can also use it as a mouth rinse. It will be more effective in removing plaque. If your child is going through dental procedures, expose him to orange essential oil aromatherapy. Due to its anxiolytic properties, this oil can reduce his pulse rate and anxiety.

Orange essential oil may help prevent cancer

Having potent antioxidant properties, orange essential oil can help fight against free radicals in the body known to cause cancer. Due to the presence of volatile components like sabinene, pinene, limonene, etc., orange essential oil can prevent metastasis and growth of colon cancer cells.

It improves memory

According to a research published in the journal International Psychogeriatrics, aromatherapy using orange essential oil can potentially improve your cognitive function. This is especially effective for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

It stimulates urination

This essential oil can help get rid of toxins like excess salt, uric acid, excess water, pollutants, etc. in the urine. Notably, urination helps in increasing appetite and boosts digestion. Additionally, it helps in weight loss and promotes cardiovascular health.


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