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7 months ago
Opal hair colour is the latest trend on Instagram that you’ll love!

If you were wondering how come there is no viral beauty trend on the social media since the beginning of 2018, here’s a hair colour that is trending like a storm on Instagram. This hair colour trend will only give you major hair goals. Opal hair colour is kickstarting 2018 with magical hair that will take you back to the fairy tales. This miraculous hair colour looks basically like a milky looking mixture of metallic pink, orange and pastel blue-ish. This hair colour has that perfect neat and shiny look and looks like a lot of effort has been put into it. If you want to get this done on Indian hair colour, you’ll have to first make your hair blonde. This colour is too delicate and sheer and looks like it will fade very smoothly to blonde without giving an ugly transition from coloured to blonde. Take a look at how it looks like:

Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Time and again there have been many hair and beauty trends that stole hearts and were a rage in 2017 like the new glitter hair trend made heads turn… the new glow-in-the-dark hair trend that took Instagram by storm. 2018 is ready for many more such beauty trends. However, we would like to see less of weird trends that are highly impractical like these 2017 beauty trends, weird eyebrow trends ruled the social media or the glitter tongue trend on Instagram that was beyond impractical


Instagram/ myhairstylistnancy

Instagram/ rossmichaelssalon


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