Nut consumption can lower the risk of heart disease, says study

According to a recent study funded by the International Nut  & Dried Fruit Council (INC), consumption of nuts has beneficial effects on the human health. The study examined the effect of the intake of nuts on inflammatory biomarkers and endothelial function associated with cardiovascular disease. It also analyzed the intake of total and specific types of nuts and heart health. The study has been published in the BMJ Open journal. Here are 5 reasons why nuts are good for your heart.

The study reviewed around 36 articles describing 32 studies. As per the study reports, the nuts were consumed in prescribed doses of 18 to 85g/day or as a specific percentage of the dietary energy. Hence, not all the study participants were given the same amount of nuts. It was found that nuts had a positive impact on the flow-mediated dilation, which is a measure of the endothelial function. Any dysfunction in the endothelial health and function were associated with cardiovascular disease. The study findings were in accordance with those observed by the European Food Safety Authority in 2011 which claimed that ‘Walnuts contribute to the improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels’.

Prof. Linda Tapsell and her colleague, Dr Elizabeth Neale at University of Wollongong (Australia), Principal Investigators of the research study said,”This research helps to identify the mechanisms by which nut consumption may contribute to reduced cardiovascular disease risk in the context of a heart-healthy diet. It adds to the scientific evidence which is built upon with continued research.” Here are heart-healthy diet tips for people with heart disease.

With inputs from the press release by International Nut  & Dried Fruit Council (INC).

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