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10 months ago
Not a Joke: Here's How to Buy a $1 House in Italy Right the F*ck Now

Remember last year when the country of Italy literally gave 100 castles away for free? Unfortunately, there’s been a sharp price increase, but the good news is you can now buy one of about 200 homes in the Italian town of Ollolai for about a dollar, TIME reports.

To be fair, the homes actually cost 1 Euro, which is currently the equivalent of $1.25. Oh, also, if you do buy a house for $1.25, you have to commit to refurbishing it within three years … which will likely cost about $25,000.

Per CNN, the Italian initiative is meant to bring people back to the beautiful, historic town on the Sardinian island. Ollolai’s current population is about 1,300 residents, down from 2,250 around 50 years ago. With only a handful of babies born in the town each year, the country is eager not to let Ollolai become deserted.

Ollolai’s mayor told Efisio Arbau told CNN there have been close to 100 requests for homes already, so if this is truly something of interest to you, act fast and apply here.

If you need me, I’ll be under my desk. Lamenting my house-free life. Mourning one of many dollars I threw away when paying my rent check this morning. Oh, and pictures of some of your potential options below:

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