New drug can stop migraine before it starts!

Tired of suffering from constant migraines? There’s hope for all you chronic sufferers out there. New research has identified a drug that can thwart a migraine attack, even before it starts. The drug works against a key inflammatory molecule that causes the migraines in the first place. The research was conducted at the Thomas Jefferson University in the US. What is a retinal migraine?

The drug is called Fremanezumab. It is a biological agent that blocks the actions of a protein called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) which is associated with migraines. In the recent years, CGRP has been the focus of many a migraine research and drug development. During migraines, CGRP levels in the body increase as a response to the inflammation. This triggers increased the release of the peptide, amping the brain’s sensitivity to pain. Is there a connection between migraines and menstrual cycle?

In the 16-week trial with a 12-week treatment window, the findings revealed that fremanezumab brought down the number of days the patients suffered from migraine by 4.3 days on an average with a quarterly treatment. And with monthly treatment, the number went up to 4.6 days. There were patients who saw their migraines completely resolved while others experienced a 75 percent reduction. Here are some tips to prevent weekend migraines.

The researchers believe that this novel therapeutic approach can offer some relief to those whose migraines cannot be managed with existing medications. As of today, WHO estimates that there are around 127-300 million people around the world with chronic migraine. Some suffer from as many as 15 or more episodes per month, lasting up to three months. Although it is a fairly common ailment, in most people migraines are resolved with medication. Fremanezumab offers respite to those patients who experience intractable migraines. Here are some of the commonest migraine triggers.

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