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New Futuristic Fitness Gear

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Dream Seams
The contrast stitching on The North Face Balance Tank may seem like a slimming strategy, but it's actually a savvy form fixer: When you're practicing yoga in a mirror, the tank's seams provide visual feedback to help you keep your shoulders and hips square.


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Fancy Feet
Ultralight fibers in the Nike Lunar HyperWorkout+ shoes secure your feet, while feather-light cushioning eases impact. But that's just the shoes. With the Sport Pack accessory (which fits into the bottom of the kicks and syncs wirelessly to your device) you get Nike+ Training, which records how high, how fast, and how often you move.
$220 (including the Sport Pack),


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Dry Idea
Gym towels rank between spare change and pay phones on the gross scale, but packing your own bulky cotton isn't going to happen. Enter Pack Towl Personal, a towel that folds up to nearly the size of an iPhone, soaks up four times its weight in water, and wrings out practically dry.
$20 for large,


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Hydration Station
The BPA-free Specialized HydroFlo bottle is coated with naturally occurring silicon, which acts like glass to prevent mold growth, staining from sports drinks, and that old-water taste. But awesomely, unlike glass, it won't shatter if dropped.


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Sound Effects
Tunes may keep you moving, but tuning out can be dangerous (to both your safety and your eardrums). The AfterShokz Sport Headphones sit just outside your ears and conduct sound to your inner ears via your cheekbones, a technology originally created for military special ops and SWAT teams.


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Teleport Training
Log miles anywhere in the world with the ProForm Tour de France Generation 2 indoor cycling bike. Pick any route, and with the help of Google Maps, you can ride it. The bike inclines and declines up to 20 percent to match the terrain and estimates wind resistance based on your height and weight.


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Full Contact
The body-heat-activated grip on the Plank Signature Yoga Mat keeps you grounded--even in a sweaty Bikram class. It stays cleaner too: A closed-cell grip layer makes it less porous, so it won't trap bacteria or odor.


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Must Watch
If Siri and TomTom had a baby with athletic prowess, it could well be the Polar RC3 GPS HR. This watch adjusts target heart-rate zones based on how you're doing that day and gives instant feedback and stats. Lost? Just tap "back to start" and the internal GPS will navigate you home.


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Hot Pants
Stay warm sans the bulk of traditional winter wear in Zoot ThermOmegaheat+ Compression Tights. The uberwicking fabric combines your sweat with the sun's UV rays to generate heat. Plus, graduated compression helps to speed recovery, making it easier to come back the next day.


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