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11 months ago
Mochi Ice Cream: The New Trendy Dessert in Town

If you're bored of having those regular scoops of chocolate ice creams and want to surprise your tastebuds with something new and exciting, then go for these Mochi ice creams. Mochi ice-cream is the latest in-thing in the food industry and has already created a storm in restaurant kitchens across the globe. This Japanese speciality is rich and creamy. Its velvety texture melts in the mouth with the first bite itself. What makes it different from the usual ones is that it is wrapped inside a soft fluffy dough and later dusted with white powdery coating which adds a unique texture to it. 

Biting on a squishy, cold Mochi is one of the simplest pleasures in life. The regular Mochi ice cream has a sweet and fruity flavour and it also comes in many variants such as chocolate, matcha green tea, strawberry and more. The glutinous rice when put in boiling water forms a jelly-like dough which gives the outer layering of the Mochi a spongy and chewy texture. These bite-sized delights need no cones. They are prepared using sweet rice flour, sugar, water and ice cream. It is then dusted with potato or corn starch which prevents them from sticking.

A very unique thing to notice about Mochi ice creams is that the colour of the ice cream always complements the colour of the outer layer. The reason behind this is its presentation and appeal. The Japanese chefs focus on the looks of the ice cream to go with the taste. If you ever order a strawberry flavoured mochi, then while preparing the casing, the chef will add pink colour to the sticky rice. Similarly, if it's a wasabi or green tea ice cream, then a tinge of edible green would be added.

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