Mixed martial arts, power lifting and more planned for the Body power Expo 2017

BodyPower Expo is the leading platform for all the health and fitness enthusiast to meet and network. Expo has been at the fore front of introducing new techniques to imparting knowledge in health and fitness. Josh Maley, Kai Greene, Flex Wheeler, Shweta Rathore and Sangram Chougule will be part of BodyPower Expo 2017 to share their experience and techniques with fitness enthusiasts. BodyPower Expo has always endeared to give a direction and create opportunities for the Fitness Industry. BodyPower India, one of Asia’s leading fitness, sport and nutrition trade BodyPower India, after the huge success in 6 major cities is all set for its 5th Edition’s finale in Mumbai, entertainment and finance capital of India from 12th — 14th January 2018

 Some of the Activities planned for the 5th edition are:

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) — MMA is a full-contact combat sport that allows both striking and grappling, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. These are the 5 best types of martial arts for weight loss.

 Kettlebell Zone -The Kettlebell is a cast-iron or cast steel weight (resembling a cannonball with a handle) used to perform all types of exercises, including but not limited to ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. They are also the primary equipment used in the weight lifting sport of Kettlebell lifting. Lose weight with these 5 kettlebell exercises.

 Powerlifting- Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves the athlete attempting a maximal weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates.

 BodyPower Games — For the first time BodyPower is launching an Inter Gym Competitions wherein 10 members team from different Gyms will be pitted against each other in 5 different competitions — Arm Wrestling, PushUp, Pull Up, Plank Champion and Tug of War and it involves cash prize of Rs 50,000 to the winner teams.

 There are other activities such as Physio Elite Strength and Power Zone, Kick Boxing Championship, Fitness Model, Strongmen and many more.

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