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11 months ago
Mickey Mehta’s New Book,‘The Shoonyam Quotient’ Is The Light Of Life Everyone Needs”

Global leading wellness coach Mickey Mehta promotes holistic health systems based on the philosophies of Zen, Tantra, and Ved among others. His signature natural healing methodologies and holistic health approach have helped some of India’s top billionaire industrialists and senior politicians. Mickey’s new book, ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’ shows us how to find inner balance and peace through meditation and mindfulness.

The Story behind ‘The Shonyaam Quotient’

The Shoonyam Quotient is based on one of India’s greatest gifts to the world — the power of the humble zero! Many people associate the word zero with a ‘lack’ of value, but what zero truly depicts is the point of origin of all that is possible. Human intelligence developed from simple to complex, and from complex to complicated, and from complicated to where we stand today — the point of chaos! We have limited out own progress with concepts of labels and measurements like:

1. The Intelligence Quotient that labels our intelligence as per their limited knowledge of knowledge

2. The Emotional Quotient that classifies our spectrum of emotions based on their rational classification of emotions

3. The Creative Quotient that qualifies our creativity as per their existing universe of creativity4

4. The Physical Quotient that defines our physical proficiency based on their mental models of physicality

5. The Spiritual Quotient that explains our spirituality as per their human cognizance of cosmic consciousness.

6. The Digital Quotient that dictates our digital footprint as per their virtual vistas of our life and legacy


However, all these quotients are incomplete on their own and require ‘Shoonyam’ to bring order in the chaos of uni-dimensional knowledge in the multi-dimensional universe of being human.


The Shoonyam Quotient encourages us to challenge concepts we accept as true and instead helps us examine our inner selves with honest reflection. Do not expect the book to make you pessimistic or optimistic, instead, it will help you evolve to an ‘optimized-primed’ state to become the best version of yourself. We, at, would recommend this book to anyone who is unafraid to face themselves so that they can re-discover their ‘Shoonyam-ness’!

Experience The Shoonyam Quotient Online: 

    For a sneak peek into the book please visit the book website- and check out the exciting book trailer on You-tube!

Get your own copy of The Shoonyam Quotient on Amazon here

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