Meet Pricasso: The Artist Who Paints with His Penis

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One thing about the creative mind is its ability to see the world in completely new ways. There's art made from toast, cereal, matchsticks, and children's toys. There are artists who, instead of paint, use vomit, dead ants, and human ashes. Artists use almost anything to make their visions come to life and communicate their ideas to the world.

Pricasso (a.k.a. Tim Patch) uses his penis to paint. It really isn't that outrageous, and the fact that he does this penis-painting in front of an audience merely combines fine art with performance art.

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Every artist has their own process they go through when working. As Pricasso said in an interview with The Daily Beast, "Firstly, I grab my penis and testicles and plunge the whole lot into a pot of paint. The combination of balls and d*ck holds lots of paint, so then I just scrub them all over the canvas, which I hold in one hand until the canvas is sufficiently covered."

Here's a NSFW video showing Pricasso at work:

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Although Pricasso tries to limit the time it takes to make a painting to 20 minutes or less, there are a number of steps to making one of his masterpieces. After the first plunge of penis and balls into paint, he then uses his butt to smooth out the paint, making a foundation/background of the portrait.

Once that's completed, Pricasso says, "I hold my penis and dip its head into the paint. Using it like a brush, I start to rough out the features, eyes, nose mouth."

​Pricasso is the world's best penis artist (an Icelandic artist also uses his penis to paint) and enjoys making his actual painting part of the experience by painting portraits at parties, sexpos, pubs, and clubs—for audiences all over the world. He also tapes the process and burns it onto a DVD as proof of how the piece was made.

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He was an art school reject in London during the 1960s and later moved to Australia, which he now calls home. He did pottery and sculpture for years, but it wasn't until he saw a performance of Puppetry of the Penis (a show where the performers twist and manipulate their penises into all different kinds of shapes) that the idea occurred to him.

"When I'm performing, it just seems natural now to be holding my d*ck in front of hundreds of people who are all looking at it," he says.

But like any artist or musician, he must take care of his instrument. "It [his penis] does get really tender and stings a lot, so I do wrap my penis and testicles up at night," he says. "Firstly, I put on an antiseptic numbing cream and then wrap the whole lot up in kitchen wrap using the balls as an anchor so it stays on all night."

The craziest part of it all? When one of his pieces is completed, Pricasso signs his work with a real brush...that he inserts through his uretha. Unfortunately, there must be suffering for any artist when making art.

All photos courtesy of Pricasso/YourTango

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