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7 months ago
McDonald's french fries cannot cure baldness, clarifies scientist

New Delhi: According to an article in the Inc. Magazine by Peter Economy, McDonald's French fries may hold the secret ingredient that could be the answer to our hair fall woes.

Undoubtedly, losing hair is heart-breaking and watching your hair as they lose their density is really a nightmare, but will this really help?

As this 'miracle solution' went viral and began to garner eyeballs, the Japanese scientist by the name of professor Junji Fukuda, who managed to develop a way to grow hair follicles at a record rate, has debunked this theory.

The study used two kinds of cells placed in silicone containers to cultivate "hair follicle germs" -- the sources of the tiny organs that grow and sustain hair.

The silicone used in his study, dimethylpolysiloxane, is reportedly used by the fast-food giant in its oil fryers, but consuming the substance alone offers no fringe benefits.

The scientist said that he is baffled by how readers have misinterpreted his research. "I have seen online comments asking, 'how many fries would I have to eat to grow my hair?'" he told AFP.

"I'd feel bad if people think eating something would do that!"

The Japanese research paper, published in the journal Biomaterials, had announced the discovery of a new method for the mass preparation of hair follicle germs (HFGs) that "may lead to a new treatment for hair loss."

"A key ingredient in this new method is a chemical by the name of dimethylpolysiloxane (DMPS), which just happens to be an ingredient in the oil that McDonald's uses to cook its French fries and other fried food," wrote Economy.

He further said that the paper opens up the possibility for the fast food company to "put it front and centre in its marketing."

But, with this clarification, Fukuda hopes to put the theory to rest.

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