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11 months ago
Massage your feet with coconut oil at night. Here’s why!

It goes without saying that during winter you need to take special care of your feet. This is because; the cold weather not only drains out moisture from your skin but makes you prone to cracked heels and dry skin. Hence, most of us wear socks to stay warm and prevent the cold weather from drying the skin. However, this might not provide a long-term relief. Also, wearing socks the whole night might lead to sweating and do not allow your feet to breathe even at night. So to keep your feet soft and warm and prevent cracked heels in winter, here is a simple and effective tip –Massage your feet with coconut oil at night. Here’s more on health benefits of oil massage.

How does it help?

When you massage your feet with warm coconut oil, the warm oil provides warmth to the feet and helps you to deal with the cold feet. Also, massaging the feet with oil improves the circulation in the feet, which further raises the temperature in the feet and keeps the feet warm. Also, applying oil at night locks the moisture in the feet and prevents drying of the skin. Massaging your feet with oil regularly prevent cracked heels as it removes the dead skin and thus, keeps your feet soft and supple. Here are home remedies to treat cracked heels.

A regular foot massage with oil not only makes your feet and healthy but also provides you with a load of other health benefits as well. It can help in reducing swelling of the legs caused due to fluid retention, especially seen in pregnant women. It acts as a reflexology technique relieving stress caused due to travelling all along the day. It relaxes the foot muscles and reduces the pain in the feet. A good foot massage can provide you a good night’s sleep. So do not forget to massage your feet before bedtime this winter! Also read about Ayurvedic massage for your feet – a step-by-step guide for a good night’s sleep.

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