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Massage therapy during labour helps to ease pain

Labour pain is intense is an understatement. Only women who have gone through this pain know its enormity. This is why today epidural is considered to be a boon for new mother. Epidural is considered to be one of the most effective and safe painkiller option given during labour. For women who cannot endure the labour pains, epidural helps them to get along with the strains of a vaginal birth sans the pain. However, not everyone like taking a medication or a drug to numb pain during labour and look for other less invasive pain management techniques during labour. Traditionally, in India light, abdominal massage during labour is said to bring in some relief to the labouring mothers. Here are few things that can make labour pain worse. 

There are studies also that say that massage during labour help women wards off depression, anxiety and control leg and back pain. In fact, a study conducted in Iran on 100 pregnant women who were eager to receive massage therapy during labour over any other artificial pain management therapy had seen that massage therapy during labour lead to shortening of the first and second stage of labour duration and improved Apgar scores at the first and fifth minutes. By shortening the duration of labour, pregnant women had more chances of having a normal vaginal delivery with fewer complications. Here are few practical tips to help you in a normal delivery. 

So, if you are pregnant, planning to have a vaginal delivery but fear labour pains and don’t want to give epidural a shot then try aromatic massages that promise to give some relief. However, during the massage, especially if you are getting it done by a family member and not a masseuse, be cautious. Pressing on any wrong pressure point can be dangerous here. So ask your caregiver to just gently massage your back and the abdomen. Aromatic oil mixes go a long way in helping to ease pain during labour. Ideally, if you are going to opt for oil massage as a pain relief, then massage with oil mixes during the interval between two contractions of pain.

Here is one aromatic oil mix that you can try during labour

Ingredients needed

  • Sesame oil — 10 ml
  • Clarysage oil — 14 drops
  • Rose oil — 5 drops
  • Ylang ylang oil — 6 drops

Mix these oils well and ask your caregiver to massage the back or the abdomen area. Remember this oil can be used for abdominal massage during labour only. Alternatively, you can put two to three drops of clarysage oil in a bowl of hot water soak a napkin squeeze the water out and spread it on the abdomen.

These aromatherapy oils are known to ease labour pains. Try them if you know you have a low pain threshold.

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