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9 months ago
Maria Lost 85 Pounds After Her PCOS Diagnosis by Committing to This Intense Workout

When Maria Roiz realized she could no longer fit into any of her clothes, she knew it was time for a serious change. Even though she had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) at age 16 - a common hormone imbalance that is known to cause weight gain - she knew her unhealthy eating habits were also to blame and one of the main reasons she had become overweight at 220 pounds.

Maria: Before

Still, Maria wasn't obsessed about getting to the lowest weight possible. She simply wanted to become a healthier, stronger, and better version of herself. After trying out an obstacle course race for the very first time, she was hooked. Little did she know, Maria would lose 85 pounds thanks to her new passion - and even continue on to become an obstacle training coach.

Maria: After

POPSUGAR: At what age were you first diagnosed with PCOS? What were your symptoms?

Maria Roiz: I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16 years old. My menstrual cycle stopped a few months before I turned 16, and I experienced hair growth on face, neck, and abdomen. I also had the infamous PCOS symptoms of weight gain and difficulty losing weight.

PS: How did you get treated for PCOS?

MR: I was required to go on birth control so that my menstrual cycle could start again. After being diagnosed, my doctor monitored my hormone levels. He also monitored my blood pressure, weight, body hair growth, and abdomen measurements, and I received blood tests regularly. I continued seeing an endocrinologist every six months until I turned 18, and I've been monitored by my gynecologist ever since then.

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