Mar 5, You and your top-sporter-partner

11 reasons why a top sporter's sport will (almost) always come before you and the family

  1. They plan the year(s) ahead with their sport in mind, with possibly little thought for any other important events or your personal day-to-day needs
  2. Their first question is always: “does this help or hinder my training schedule, my rest or my physical condition?”
  3. They rigidly stick to their training schedule, with very little room for manoeuvre
  4. They may obsess about their food intake
  5. They're unlikely to accompany you to many - if any - social events if there's any chance it could interfere with their sleep or training schedule, or they're too tired to even consider going out
  6. They're often completely worn out, very specific about when and how they should rest, and may need more sleep than the average person
  7. They're very unlikely to train for less than 25 hours a week. If they have another job, it's likely to be only part-time. They'll have limited time left over for you.
  8. They’ll probably only ever be partially available to you, even if the two of you have planned some time together. The majority of their attention goes towards themselves - how they're feeling and what's awaiting them
  9. Their teammates are likely to be more important than you (if they take part in team sports)
  10. They’ll be away a lot of the time, travelling to and from training camps and competitions - even more so in the year leading up to the Olympics
  11. After a major event like a world-championship or the Olympics, you might think you’ll get your partner’s attention back for a while. However, if their sense of self is completely tied up with their sport and achievement, there's a risk they'll become depressed if they feel they've failed or let the side down in any way.
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