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Lose Weight During Thanksgiving Dinner

Low-Cal Thankgiving Recipes
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The Low(er) Calorie Thanksgiving
It's the most gut-busting day of the year, so yeah, you're bound to overdo it—especially if Aunt Gertrude, your holiday host, favors real butter and cream.

Instead of fighting the desire to overeat like your 12-year-old self, stick to this game plan: Skip the ho-hum fillers like nuts and bread and pile up your plate—only once—with big but still reasonable portions of this truly delicious stuff.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
(5 oz glass) 120 calories

If the family drives you to drink, choose wine. You can go with white or red (only a 3-5 calorie difference per ounce). But note: red wine offers resveratrol, a healthy antioxidant, in higher amounts.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
(about 3 oz or the size of a deck of cards) 107 calories

Go for skinless breast over thigh; dark meat is higher in saturated fat and calories.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
(1-2 tablespoons) 8-16 calories

Use a soupspoon instead of the spout of that 1950 gravy boat to serve yourself: you'll use less.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
(1/2 cup) 177 calories

If you have the option, choose regular-bread stuffing over cornbread.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
Cranberry Sauce
(1 slice canned) 86 calories

A slice should be half an inch—about the thickness of your cell phone.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
Sweet Potato
(1 whole, baked, skin on) 103 calories

Do your best to pass if the sweet potatoes are candied or in casseroles which can pack as much as 300 calories per cup.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
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(1/2 cup unsweetened) 97 calories

Just because it has fruit in its name doesn't mean it's a free-for-all.

Low Cal Thanksgiving Recipes
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Pumpkin Pie
(1 slice) 316 calories

As far as desserts go, it's a far better choice than pecan. Hold the whipped cream!

Total calories in this delicious meal: 1,022 Calories

Want more low-cal Holiday ideas? Check out these healthy dessert options.

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