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Look 10 Years Younger

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Age Erasers for Women
Look--and feel--years younger with easy tips you can do every day. In the new book, Age Erasers for Women you will learn how to win the war against time.

Age Erasers for Women
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Blow It Off
Chewing gum can reduce stress and improve performance. People who chomped during a mild stress test had 16 percent less of the hormone cortisol than those who took the test gum-free. Their attention and memory scores also increased. Chewing boosts blood flow to the jaw and perhaps the brain. Added O2 may boost mental sharpness, and if you're on top of your game you'll feel less stressed, says Andrew Scholey, Ph.D., of Swinburne University of Technology.

Age Erasers for Women
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Ban Rays
Many young people are addicted to tanning, a study in the American Journal of Health Behavior reports. "And studies show that women, particularly those who tan indoors, develop skin cancers earlier," says lead study author Carolyn Heckman, Ph.D., of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Instead, use self-tanners to brown.

Age Erasers for Women
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Tame Your Ticker
A high heart rate may harm your health, the American Journal of Hypertension reports. Compared to people with normal heart rates (60 to 80 beats per minute), those whose heart rates top 80 bpm are more than three times as likely to be obese and twice as likely to develop diabetes. Some easy ways to lower your standing heart rate is to try to exercise daily, eat heart-healthy foods like almonds and blueberries, and find ways to beat stress.

Age Erasers for Women
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Natural Brain Booster
Soak up the view: Being exposed to nature may improve your memory. Volunteers took a short-term memory test, then walked in a park for an hour. When they returned, they took a similar test and recalled 20 percent more. Researchers noticed comparable results when people viewed photographs of a natural setting, but not after they walked on city streets. Nature captures our attention without requiring much thought, so the brain can rest, says study co-author Marc G. Berman, M.S.E.

Age Erasers for Women
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Brain Juice
To lower your risk of Alzheimer's Disease, drink apple juice. Mice that were given the equivalent of two glasses every day for a month produced fewer beta amyloids, protein fragments that can injure brain cells and are found in higher amounts in Alzheimer's patients. Lead study author Tom Shea, Ph.D., of the University of Massachusetts says that an unknown component in the juice may halt a protein thought to stimulate beta amyloid production.

Age Erasers for women
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Cheap Relief
Soothe your skin, save your cash: An over-the-counter moisturizer is as effective as a prescription at treating eczema, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reports. For four weeks, volunteers with eczema treated some of their dry, itchy patches with the $12 OTC solution Albolene and some patches with the (up to $100) prescription eczema cream Mimyx. They were equally effective. Both products form a film to lock in moisture, alleviating the dryness that causes intense itching and the subsequent rash.

Age Erasers for Women
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Help Your Heart
Starting to exercise, even later in life, can help your heart health. In a study in Hypertension, investigators looked at 28 people in their 20s and 60s and found that the older men's blood vessels were generally more constricted, increasing their risk for hypertension or attack. But after 3 months of walking for five hours a week, eight of the elders had blood-vessel function resembling the twentysomethings. Just walking 30 minutes a day can significantly improve cardiovascular health, says study co-author Christopher DeSouza, Ph.D.

Age Erasers For Women
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Get Your D
Vitamin D may lower your risk of death from disease, reports a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Subjects who took an average of 528 IU of vitamin D per day for 5 years had a 7 percent lower risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The hormone calcitroil, vitamin D's active form, may promote cancer-cell death, says study co-author Sara Gandini, Ph.D.

Age Erasers For Women
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Flex Time
Tone out gut creep: Lifting now can slow middle-age spread, reports a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Women who strength trained twice a week for 2 years decreased their body fat by 3.7 percent. Plus, the lifters gained a third as much intra-abdominal fat, the stuff that surrounds organs and is linked to heart disease, as nonlifters. Strength training builds muscle that burns calories from fat stores all day long, says study author Peter Hannan.

Age Erasers for Women
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Shades of Love
Unleash your true hue: The act of coloring your hair may make you feel more adventurous in and out of the sack. Study volunteers rated how alluring they felt before and after hitting the bottle. Post-colorfest, the women's feelings of confidence and attractiveness shot up—no matter what the new shade. They also reported feeling sexier. Previous research has shown a relationship between self-esteem and sexual motivation, says study co-author Mark Sergeant, Ph.D.

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