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Lock Up Your Loot: Secure Your Identity, Gifts & Gear

Lock 'em Up
Whether you're spending your nights at the Four Seasons or bouncing from couch to couch, bring your own lockbox to stash your bling, your digital camera, or your cash. The 8-by-13 1/2-inch TravelSafe 100 ($40, is made of super-dense canvas with a slash-proof steel wire lining, and it locks to any securely fixed object with a stainless-steel cable and padlock.
Get An Invisible Id
iPhone on your wish list? DataDot DNA Personal I.D. Kit ($30, lets you mark electronics with IDs that can't be found as easy as a serial number. The teensy discs--each etched with a number unique to your package--are suspended in clear glue; when you brush a spot on (it's like brushing on nail polish), the discs stick. Register your ID number on DataDot's Web site, so if police recover your goods they can view the digits under a microscope to verify that the items belong to you.
Snip-Proof Your Suitcase
A luggage lock is useless if a security screener has to cut through it to peek inside your checked suitcase. Safe Skies Locks (from $10, are Transportation Security Administration-approved and can be neatly opened with a master key by airport officials.
Safeguard Your Paypal
The PayPal Security Key ($5, is a fob that displays a new six-digit code every 30 seconds. You enter the numbers in a special line after you put in your regular password, so even if a thief has figured out your login, he can't get into your account.
Deflect Hackers
Evil nerds can sneak onto your computer only when it's connected to the Internet. The DataBreaker ($30, can automatically shut down your wired broadband connection when your screen goes to sleep, so hackers have fewer opportunities to break in.
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