Katharine McPhee Talks Beauty

1/8 Jeff Lipsky
Beauty secrets: Mastering bold makeup
Kat took mental notes at her WH cover shoot. "I feel like every springtime or summer, it's like, 'go bold with this color!' And then I'll go out and buy the pencil in a pretty, aquamarine color and then I put it on with my outfit and I'm like wait, I can't do this right! I need Gianpaolo [Ceciliato, the makeup artist at the WH cover shoot] to do my makeup. I've just been trying to take special note today to see if I can learn."


2/8 Jeff Lipsky
Soaking up hair tips from experts
"Sometimes I don't even realize all the little tricks that I know. I pick up all kinds of little tricks. My sister, she came to stay with me in New York and we were going out and she's like, can you curl my hair? And I was trying to teach her, and she literally did not know how to even hold the iron. I just realized, I'm so spoiled because I get to watch every day, whether it's at a photo shoot or on-set, people how they maneuver the iron, and you learn over time. So, it's kind of fun because I get to teach my mom and my sister."


3/8 Jeff Lipsky
Pretty celeb makeup trend
"For the last couple years we've been seeing a lot of that natural, makeup look on the carpet. It's so refreshing. I love seeing Michelle Williams and her glowy skin."


4/8 Jeff Lipsky
On haircuts
"My mom has dark, long hair, and my sister has dark, long hair, and I was always the child that would cut my hair. My mom and sister would always be like, 'Don't cut your hair.' So whenever my hair grows out my mom will be like, 'Oh, your hair is getting so long, it's so pretty.' And I never did anything crazy, but I would chop it every once in a while. I'm not attached to hair. That's why I could cut it before."


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The beauty benefits of home
"I love living in my building because all this natural light comes in and I can do my makeup, and it's the best way to put makeup on. You know when you go outside and you see someone's makeup lines."


6/8 Jeff Lipsky
On M.A.C Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk
"This has been around forever—this stuff is amazing. My friend's mom used to have that stuff when we were growing up and we used to play with it. It's so shimmery."


7/8 iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Fave pedicure shades
"I find that either light colors like pastels or bright colors look good. The darks don't look as good on my feet. I like mauve on my nails but not on my toes."


8/8 Jeff Lipsky
Her hate-turned-love-affair with red lipstick
"I've always been so anti-red lip. Not anti-red lip for other people, but just for myself because I'm like, Ugh, this looks terrible. Like I hated wearing it last season [of Smash]. But I found that I can wear red lipstick now with my dark hair by just not wearing [other] makeup, just focusing on the lip." Her top red? "Giorgio Armani makes these new sort of color-stained ones—they almost feel like a lip gloss. They stay on all day, and I have them in the traditional blue-red color, the traditional red, really deep color, and an orange-red color. I actually brought it to set when I was doing Marilyn this season because I loved it so much. But I like wearing it even more just as a brunette, you know, as myself."


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