KSP Book Club: My First Matinee: The Best Baker In The World

The holiday season is here and that will mean travelling with your family or kids spending more time at home. They will need something to keep them occupied and entertained at the same time. We at #KSPBookClub from classics to cookbooks, from short stories to picture books– we tell you the best!

Today, in KSP Book Club, we tell you why this book is a must-read for every parent to protect our kids in today’s world.

Which book are we reading? 

The book that’s on our shelf this week is My First Matinee: The Best Baker In The World, written by famous critic Raja Sen and is published by Penguin Random House. Buy here.

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What is it about?

We are all fans of the greatest movie of our times- “The Godfather“. We love the movie for its story, the narration, the ways the characters were etched and of course, the performances. Raja Sen sets foot into the world of The Godfather, breaks it down for the young readers- sans the violence and tones it down for his little audience and etches out a beautiful story about a baker and his 3 children. Written in limerick for easy understanding and comprehension of the younger lot, this book is a must-read. Suitable for kids 8 and above to read it by themselves but the younger lot will like it when parents read it aloud too!

Kidsstoppress was at the book launch of “My First Matinee: The Best Baker In The World” and we interacted with Raja Sen about the book, what motivated this film critic to venture into the world of children’s books and he also suggests the list of movies your children must watch. Tune into this exclusive podcast right here (He also reveals the plans of his 2nd book here!)


Why is this book on our shelf?

  • Who would have thought The Godfather can be adapted to a children’s book? The very idea made us pick this up!
  • The illustrations will have your child reaching for this book often. Younger ones will spot and identify animals and older ones may look for meaning behind why a particular animal as chosen for a character.
  • The book is an easy read and the story doesn’t get old — especially for parents of younger kids who will read this a thousand times!

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Is there any new book that you got for your child and are really impressed? Tell us about it in the comments below! And stay tuned for KSP Book Club every week for the best reads for your kids!

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