KSP Book Club: 2017’s 5 Best Cookbooks For Kids

Cooking is more of a joy, than chore. On a day when we are stressed at work or traffic, there is nothing more relaxing than making your favourite bowl of soup, or baking a yummy cake for the family. And children simple love spending time in the kitchen. My little girl places her chair in a comfortable spot in the kitchen and watches me cook, giving me instructions, suggestions and compliments as well! And that makes, the whole experience worthwhile!

Cooking with kids, is a joy every parent needs to experience and there are many cookbooks in the market that simplify the recipes and procedures in a language that your kids will understand. You can either read them out to your kids or the older ones can read it themselves and you could bond so well with the kids!

Here, we have listed the year’s top 5 cookbooks for kids, that make it simple, easy and has something special for all kids! Try out the recipes and let us know, which is your favourite!

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Bookworms and Jellybellies

Author: Ranjini Rao & Ruchira Ramanujam

Publisher: Hachette

Here’s what’s cooking: This book offers the young readers and their parents a delightful experience of cooking their favourite recipes as well as revisiting their favourite cartoon characters! From masala meatballs inspired by Cloudy with a chance of meatballs movie series, to Peppa Pig– special pretty pink lemonade, the avid book readers-cum-mommies have written his book, keeping in mind what children will really like, getting inspired from their favourite books and movies. Recently released, this book is becoming a hot favourite among mom& child chef combos! Buy the book here.

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Children’s Candy And Cookie Dough Cookbook

Author: Brenda Van Niekerk

Here’s what’s cooking: This Kindle edition book, should be your ultimate destination for the holiday season to please the kids in your neighbourhood. From teaching kids about the basics of making candies and cookies dough from scratch, to useful baking tips and enlightening them about the utensils required this book dishes out delicious recipes such as peanut candy, fruit fudge, popcorn lollipops, apple cinnamon popsicles and lots more. Buy the book here.

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Good Housekeeping Kids Cook!: 100+ Super-Easy, Delicious Recipes

Author: Good Housekeeping & Susan Westmoreland 

Publisher: Hearst Communications

Here’s what’s cooking: If your little one loves to help you in the kitchen or surprises you with yummy recipes, they are going to love this book- a collection of 100+ easy recipes for kids to try, from breakfast to dessert. With great photos and illustrations that make it easy to explain, get your kids to try classic cheese omelet, waffles and lots more from this book, that’s just released. Buy the book here.

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Nadiya’s Bake Me a Festive Story:

Author: Nadiya Hussain

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Here’s what’s cooking: What are the two things kids love best? Food and stories. And how would it be if you can serve them both, in one format? BBC’s Tv star Nadiya Hussain, who is popular among the kids does just that in this book. From stories about why we hang up stockings during Christmas and matching it up with a recipe for cheesy feet biscuits, Nadiya Hussain makes the festive season delicious and memorable for the kids with her recipes and stories. Buy the book here.

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Baking for Kids: 35 Creative Adventures in the Kitchen

Author: Martha Stephenson

Here’s what’s cooking: Kids and their sweet cravings is a known thing. Why not delight kids with their favourite cupcakes at home, than a store-brought one? And what’s better, get your kids to help you in the joyous journey of baking! With more than 35 delicious recipes or ‘adventured’ as this book (Kindle edition) puts it, your kids are going to love their time in the kitchen! Happy baking! Buy the book here.

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