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6 months ago
Iskra Lawrence's Secret For Wearing Devastatingly Sexy Thigh-High Slits

Iskra Lawrence got to create a fashion item with her own personal mantra splashed on the side in conjunction with her #AerieREAL Role Model campaign. She chose a pair of leggings with "Self-Made" written down the leg, and we were curious to find out why. (Aside from the obvious fact - these look comfortable enough to live in.) But when we talked to Iskra, we also asked her for some pointers.

She's constantly debuting cheeky suits on Instagram, rocking thigh-high - scratch that, hip-high - slits to events, and posting inspiring quotes dedicated to her fans. She's one of the most confident supermodels we've encountered, and we had to find out how she stays so on top of her game 24/7. Read on to find out a few of Iskra's style secrets (did you know she has to shop for strapless swimsuits only to avoid tan lines for work?!) and tuck them away in your back pocket ASAP.

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