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9 months ago
International Women’s Day 2018: India’s top women doctors and medical experts share health tips they want you to follow

Indian women are known to neglect their own health while being completely dedicated to the well being of their children, their husband and other members of the family. But it is only when you have a good, sound healthy life that you can ensure the same for your family. This International Women’s Day, it is important you bear in mind these important tips that India’s top women in the medical fraternity want you to follow.

“Women these days are achieving higher and higher positions in the corporate world but in our struggle to climb the corporate ladder we completely ignore our health. Today many women choose to delay marriage to fulfil career aspirations. There is nothing wrong in delaying the marriage, but it should be an informed decision, they should realise that the reproductive clock is ticking and that their egg reserve is depleting. It is important to consult a fertility expert, get your fertility analysis done before delaying the baby.  There is no rush of having a baby but it is important to be aware and take an informed decision.’’ – Dr Sweta Gupta Clinical Director and Senior Consultant – Fertility Solutions, Medicover Fertility.

“The responsibility of women empowerment lies in women first. It disheartens me to see that even in the 21st century, we have to promote and pray for the success of campaigns like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. Let us educate our daughter to be independent, powerful, strong and wise to make women empowerment a reality.” – Shalu Aggarwal, Member, Board of Director of Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute.

“The best thing women can do is to support and encourage each other. It is also important that women get themselves regularly checked, pap smear and breast cancer screening should be done once a year. Take care of yourself first and then of the rest of the world.” – Dr Vandana Gawdi, Senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi

“One should take care of their health and make time for exercise, at least 30 minutes a day. A routine check-up at least once a year along with maintaining good physical and mental health is essential. Do not ignore the warning signs and consult a doctor at the right time.” – Dr Asmita Mahajan, Consultant Neonatologist & Paediatrician, SL Raheja Hospital

“Women have o be more aware of their health status and needs because the problems that used to affect our bodies at the age of 40 years are now showing at the age of 20 years. Healthy eating, regular exercise (like yoga), meditation, regular mental and physical health check-ups, should be done at the age of 30 instead of 40. One must avoid junk and fried food as these are triggers to lifestyle disorders and can affect the body in the long run. Importantly, we should not underestimate ourselves and keep confidence in whatever we do. We are capable of doing everything in this world and can do it better than men.”- Dr Farah Ingale, internal medicine, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi

“Women take care of their house, work and family, but always neglect their own health. Today, there are a lot of health awareness campaigns and drives done. Every woman should attend these. Regular check-ups, Pap Smear test and Mammography should be done at regular intervals. Protect yourself from the sun, eat healthy and regularly exercise. Maintenance and prevention is an important aspect in order to live a healthy life ” – Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist & Skin Laser Specialist, S.L Raheja Hospital

“All women neglect their own health while taking care of their family and work. It is seen that beyond 30yrs of age, multiple hormonal changes happen in a woman’s body, along with neurological changes. A regular health check-up for women beyond the age of 50 is a must. The most common neurological disorder in women is migraine, which is preventable by having a good amount of sleep, eating on time, avoid changes in schedule and stress.” Dr Kavita Bharate, NeuroPhysican, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan.

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