Indian women share lessons they learnt from toxic relationships

Unfortunately, there are many of us out there who have been into a toxic relationship, one way or the other. Sometimes we don’t even realise we are into a toxic relationship till it ends on a very bad note. However, it is the courage to move on and the lessons that we take away from a toxic relationship that really matters. I spoke to a few women who admit being in a toxic relationship and all of them agree that the traumatic experience is not something they would want to ever remember but the lessons they learnt will forever remain with them and will help them spot a toxic person from miles. Here are a few life lessons they would want all the women out there to know.

Monica says, ‘I have been a toxic relationship thankfully for not more than a year. What I would like to tell all the women out there is that don’t blame yourself even if you get into a toxic relationship. Instead, as soon as possible find ways of quitting it. When you blame yourself, your closing all the possible doors for you.’

Alice says, ‘Being in a toxic relationship is scary! However, what I would suggest is to never panic or start overthinking. Remain calm-headed and deal one thing at a time.’

Ruchi says, ‘The best advice that I can give after being in a 3 year long toxic relationship is that, don’t shy away from taking professional help. Meet a professional counsellor or a psychiatrist for that matter because ultimately what matters is your mental health.’

Jyotsna says, ‘I have been in a toxic relationship for years and was suffering from clinical depression because of that. I would advise each woman to be fearless, at least pretend. This will not let the problem grow.’

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