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11 months ago
"If You Don't Have Sex Whenever He Wants, He'll Leave You"

The following story, "If You Don't Have Sex Whenever He Wants, He'll Leave You," written by erotic fiction author Madison Barry was originally published on Medium.

Some years ago, my husband and I were very involved with our local religious Jewish community. I was (I thought) very close with the rabbi's wife, and I went to her often for companionship and advice. We had boys the same age who would play together while we visited.

One day, we were talking about some problems I was having in my marriage, and how I wasn't often in the mood for sex. She told me - and I wish I remembered her exact words, but I'll paraphrase - it's important for me to have sex with him, because if he doesn't get it from me, he'll go somewhere else to get it. In other words, if I don't have sex with my husband when he wants to, he'll cheat on me.

This is, unfortunately, a very common attitude, and not just among the religious. How often have women spread their legs and done long division in their heads just to appease their partner's need for sex, to get him off her back or so he'll leave her alone for a while? How often are women told what I was told, that men need sex and we have to provide it or they'll leave us? How often do women suppress their own needs - sexual and otherwise - to keep their husbands happy?

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