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11 months ago
'I Lost 60 Pounds By Going On "Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian"'


AFTER: 157

In my early career as a singer, I performed all over Hollywood. I was one of the most sought after independent artists, opened up for Keyshia Cole, Nelly, Stevie Wonder, Tyrese, and other big names, and even had my own radio show. Around that time, I hired a management team. I gave them my dedication, my all. But it didn't work out, and that's when the changes began.

I was struggling financially, so I got a job and stopped singing. I was working 10- to 12-hour gigs as a brand ambassador, and I just stopped caring. I stopped watching what I ate. The food I ate, like fried food and desserts, was comforting and available to me, because it was easy. I wasn't exercising at all because I no longer cared how I felt or what I looked like. Because I was no longer performing, I lost all confidence. 

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