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11 months ago
HowSheDoesIt | Being A Working Mom | Poorva Bhatikar

Once you become a mom life takes on a whole different meaning. When you’re a working mom who has to leave her little one and go back to the working world, life can get pretty chaotic.

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Kidsstoppress’ new series #HowSheDoesIt features women — who seem like they have it all. We ask them for their secrets, their tips, their place of zen, and ultimately, what keeps them motivated to keep going – in the hope that we can use them along the way in our parenting journey.

Mansi Zaveri of Kidsstoppress caught up with Poorva Bhatikar, new mom and Marketing Manager at Mattel Toys to figure out how she manages to juggle both worlds. From spreadsheets to an incredible support system to how she finds time for her husband and cats – Poorva reveals all. Watch the video to know more.

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