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How to take care of your wooden furniture: 5 Tips to Protect Your Wooden Furniture from Damage

Wooden furniture is usually statement pieces. They add elegance and sophistication to the overall décor of your home. The natural design, color and the shine of wooden furniture make each piece unique. It breaks your heart to see a scratch or a water stain on its glossy surface. Even the weather can affect the furniture. Fine wood furniture is a treasured possession in any home, and with good care, it can last for generations. Taking care of the wooden furniture can be tricky and if you are confused about how to protect your wooden furniture, you are on the right page. Here are some expert tips by Neerav Jain, CEO and founder of City Furnish, India’s third largest and a rapidly growing furniture, furnishings and appliances rental brand. These tips will help you to keep your wooden furniture prim and proper in any season. (ALSO READ 5 house plants that detoxify your home and give you better sleep).

Dust frequently

Study Set

Study Set

Your furniture requires regular dusting and wiping is important to maintain the original shine of the wooden furniture. You should use the best quality cleaners, which are specifically used for woods. Frequent dusting removes dirt before it has a chance to settle in and make itself at home. Dusting often keeps an oily build-up from forming on wood furniture.

Avoid heat and light

You should avoid placing your wooden furniture in front of any heat register as the fluctuation from cold to hot can cause splitting and wrapping of wood. Don’t store fine furniture in attics, where temperature and humidity levels vary widely from summer to winter, day and night. Avoid placing furniture in areas where it will sit in direct sunlight, which can fade fine furniture; use drapes, sheers or protective window films to guard against the sun’s rays.

Upholstered furniture

Bedroom Storage Essentials

Bedroom Storage Essentials

Dust and dirt act like sandpaper on furniture fabric, so remove it frequently. Vacuum upholstered furniture weekly, lift cushions and use the crevice tool to remove hidden crumbs beneath.

Protect from damage

Everyday life can be hard on wood furniture. Moisture from sweating beverage glasses leaves round rings in the finish, while the heat from a hot dish can ruin the wood finish beneath. Provide felt-bottomed coasters if you will set glasses or mugs on fine wood. Always use trivets to support hot serving dishes. Place mats, tablecloths or padded table covers protect dining room tables from spills or scrapes.

Avoid unsuitable products

Double Bed with Storage

Double Bed with Storage

Never use oil, furniture polish, dusting sprays or ordinary stain removers on leather furniture.

It only takes a small amount of time to clean and treat your wood furniture but can add many extra years to your furniture’s life.

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