How to know that your woman is sexually aroused? Hear it from a sexologist

Men, if you want to give your woman a good sexual experience it is very important that you know when is she completely aroused sexually. While having sex you must know what your woman wants from you and is she enjoying your moves as much as you are enjoying it. However, to know whether she is sexually aroused or not, sometimes could get tricky as even studies have proven that women tend to fake orgasm and the pleasure she receives from sex. We spoke to Dr Rajan Bhonsle who is a leading sexologist, about the signs sexual arousal in a woman and here are the various points he laid down.

  • Heavy breathing: A sexually aroused woman might start breathing heavily when she is completely aroused. You’ll be able to hear her and even though the signs of arousal might differ from woman to woman, heavy breathing is commonly seen among women when they are aroused.
  • Racing heartbeat: Accompanying heavy breaths you might also hear her heart pounding if you listen to her heartbeat.
  • Moaning and groaning: If you are a beginner you must know that moaning and groaning is a part of sex and further arouses sexual urges too. And a sexually aroused woman or man for that matter do groan and moan while having sex.
  • Nipple erection (In some cases): Dr Bhonsle explains that in some cases you might see erected nipples when a woman is sexually aroused. However, while she is not having sex or even foreplay, an erected nipple could be a sign of anything from cold weather to the non-sexual excitement.
  • Vaginal lubrication: This one is a no-brainer and the most accurate one. If your woman’s vagina is lubricated that means she is aroused completely.

There are a lot of myth surrounding women’s body part when they are aroused sexually like some people still believe that a woman’s vaginal opening increases in size to accommodate the penis when the woman is aroused. According to Dr Bhonsale, it is a myth and shouldn’t be relied upon. Another myth of the boob size getting bigger while the woman is sexually aroused is absolutely wrong. However, the nipples could get partially erected but the boob size per say doesn’t increase when a woman is aroused sexually.

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