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11 months ago
How to eat out when you’re on the keto diet

Eating out at restaurants or at your friends’ place or having packaged foods can be tricky when you’re on a keto diet. There are a number of things you need to completely cut out from your diet. When on keto, you need to load up on protein and fat and completely cut down on your carb intake. But it’s a myth that those following the keto diet can’t eat out at restaurants. All you need to know is the food or dishes that may have hidden carbs. There are a few simple tricks you must know to avoid the hidden carbs in your restaurant meals. Nutrition consultant Jaydeep Bhuta who lost 62 kgs in a year after following the ketogenic diet shares a few pointers he follows when eats out:

1st rule: Make sure you don’t order meals which are sweet. The sweetness in the meals could come from sweet sauces and sugar. They could also be from sweet and starchy vegetables like carrots, beetroots or tomatoes. Read about keto diet for vegetarians.

2nd rule: You have to keep in mind that your meal may not be sweet but may still have a lot of hidden carbs if the chef has used flour in cooking. Many chefs may add cornflour or mashed potatoes as a thickening agent or even breadcrumbs as binders. They may also use cashews to make the gravy thick. Eat meals that have solid pieces of vegetables instead of gravy or mashed veggies.

3rd rule: Another foolproof way to eat out while following keto is to stick to leafy vegetables as they have very little carbs.

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