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How often should you change pad even if you bleed less during periods?(Query)

I am a 28-year-old female. I have periods regularly. However, on my 4th and 5th day, I have very less bleeding. I usually change my pads 3-4 times a day as I have normal flow. However, on the last two days of menstruation, the flow is very less. I change my pads only twice a day during these days. Is it ok if I do so? How often should I change a pad if there is no bleeding or very less flow during the last few days of periods? Please answer.

The query is answered by Dr Nupur Gupta, Gynaecologist and obstetrician, Well Woman Clinic in Gurgaon.

How often should I change sanitary napkins during periods? — It is one of the common questions that most women ask their gynaecologist. However, the answer is very simple. It depends on the flow of blood as not every woman experiences the same when it comes to menstruation. For some, the blood flow might be heavy during the first two-three days and then they might experience spotting for the rest two-three days. For others, the first day might be light blood flow followed by heavy bleeding for the rest of the days. Hence, it is up to a person to decide how many pads one has to use based on the blood flow. There is no fixed number of times a woman has to change a pad during menstruation. Here’s more about menstrual hygiene tips every girl and woman should know.

However, as the blood flow reduces by the last or even second last day, you can change your pad only twice or thrice a day. According to Dr Nupur, it is usually recommended to change your pad every six to eight hours, irrespective of whether the pad is fully stained or not. This is because menstrual blood can lead to the foul smell, which also up the risk of skin rashes and infections. Not just the time but the quality and capacity of the pad also matters. Hence, if you notice a foul odour, change the pad immediately irrespective of the blood flow. Also read about these frequently asked questions about periods.



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