How a Penis Implant Changed One Guy's Love Life

We always say that peen size doesn’t matter, but having a small penis can really get to some men—especially if their fiancée breaks up with them over it.

That’s what happened to a 35-year-old man only identified as Jason, who opened up to the New York Post about how his three-inch penis affected his love life. According to Jason, his fiancée dumped him in 2014 because she was dissatisfied with the size of his member—a fact that she made very clear. (We wonder what the woman who was engaged to a man with no penis would think of this.)

“It caused me to question my sexuality,” he told the Post. “I just figured that these were the cards I had been dealt and nothing could be done.”

But Jason stumbled across California-based urologist James Elist, M.D., while Googling “penile enhancement” (as one does), and found that the doctor was successfully giving men penis implants. “I had a single question,” Jason said. “‘When do I start?’”

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Jason eventually flew to Los Angeles to get enhanced. He was given an implant that consists of a 270-degree tube made of soft silicone that was inserted underneath the skin of his penis, increasing its length by two sweet, sweet inches.

“There was a little bit of swelling, but a day after the one-hour procedure, when they removed the bandages, I looked down and had an out-of-body experience,” Jason says. “I was speechless. It was as large soft as it had previously been hard. It just hung down. All I could think about was what my ex would have said.” Where's the reality TV show crew when you need one?

Jason forked over $11,000 for the procedure, which he says was totally worth it, even though he had to wait some time before having sex. Patients are at risk for complications if they get it on any sooner than four weeks. though Jason decided he didn’t want to take chances, so he waited two months. “All I thought about, from when the bandages first came off, was witnessing the expression on a woman’s face when she sees [it],” he says.

And when he finally rolled out his newer, bigger little Jason, it apparently worked just fine on his new test driver. “Three months after meeting, we got engaged to be married—and she has no complaints at all,” he says.

Thank you, Science! 

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