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11 months ago
How I Raise My Daughter in a House With 2 Completely Different Cultures

The smell of peanut and spice fills the air of our warm home while my husband moves his feet to African hiplife music as he stirs the pot of soup on the stove. Our daughter, an incredibly curious 2-year-old, sits on the countertop hovering just close enough to see him dicing up onions and tomatoes, her mouth watering and her little body rocking to the beats. From the moment we found out we were pregnant, my husband and I promised we would raise our child to embrace both of her cultures and have her spend holidays in both Ghana and the US. The beauty of his culture is easy to embrace and share with our daughter, but as adults raised in entirely different worlds, our cultural differences have us working daily to maintain balance and understanding.

Sharing our foods, languages, music, dance, books, and hobbies has been seamless. Our little one has shown a preference to Ghanaian dishes, which could simply be because my husband is a far better cook than I am, or also because we all favor this food in our home (we cook Ghanaian food and listen to African hiplife most of the time). The other days, I'm usually trying to come up with a well-balanced meal while Taylor Swift is on repeat.

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