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9 months ago
How Acupuncture Completely Saved My Mom Body

I've suffered from back pain for as long as I can remember, but nothing has ever been as bad as the lower back, shoulder, and sciatic pain I experienced after having my first baby. I had heard of acupuncture before, but never really knew what it was for, or believed it could work for me. When my back started bothering me due to the weight of my pregnancy, I was hesitant to reach for my over-the-counter pain meds and prescription muscle relaxers. I didn't want to do anything that was potentially harmful to my baby, so I decided to wait it out. It. Was. Terrible.

After having my daughter, I was so excited for some relief, but quickly noticed that I was uncomfortable more often than not, and that not only was my lower back continuing to bother me, but pain in my shoulders and mid-back was now added to the mix. At first, I attributed the pain to actually giving birth, but then realized how much bending, twisting, lifting, and rocking I was really doing with this eight-pound baby in my arms, and she was only going to get bigger.

Not only do I receive treatments for my back, but if I feel a feel a cold coming on, have an injury, or am feeling anxious, there are acupuncture points that help it all.

Twisting my body to put her in and get her out of the car seat, carrying said car seat, kneeling, squatting and bending to change diapers on the go, leaning to put her in and out of the crib, hunching over to breastfeed, and standing up to sway and rock her to sleep were all things I was doing numerous times a day. All of this combined with my already bad back lead to the herniation of a disc in my lower back. The pain from this herniation radiated all the way down my leg and caused such severe nerve damage that three years later, a large part of my leg is still numb. I had to do something to get better. I wasn't interested in surgery, so I decided to do everything in my power to naturally heal my back. One of these natural remedies was seriously (and finally) looking into acupuncture.

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