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Hot Feet: The Best Sport Socks

1/10 David Lawrence
Hiking: Soft Going
This pair offers a pillow of protection between your soles and the rocky trail. Spun with recycled polyester and Merino wool in a wind-powered plant, they're also as green as they can be.

Teko EcoMerino Wool Women's Light Hiking Crew, $17, for stores

2/10 David Lawrence
Happy Feet
If Dr. Seuss had designed socks, he might have come up with these. Surprise: They're functional!

Injinji Performance Tetratsok ($12,
With a separate pocket for each piggy, these cool cover-ups suck up sweat and separate your toes, making blister formation there virtually impossible.

Capezio Foot Undeez ($22,
Made for dancers, this lingerie-inspired ped has three nonslip suede patches on the sole to ground you in downward dog--even if there are puddles on your yoga mat.

Skins Powersox ($40,
Built to feel like a boa (the snake, not the feathers) around your calves, these lightweight stirrup socks promote blood flow to your calves, upping the amount of healing oxygen.

3/10 David Lawrence
Running: Made-For-Speed
These made-for-speed socks have soft, cloud-like layers underneath your balls and heels (to ease the impact on your joints) and around your ankles (to prevent hot spots on the heels).

Bridgedale X-Hale Speed Diva, $16,

4/10 David Lawrence
Running: Bliss
These socks offer more stitching styles than a knitting circle. The "spider web" cradles your arch, while the lattice pattern across the top of the foot adds an extra layer of padding.

The North Face Arnuva Quarter, $15,

5/10 David Lawrence
Gymming: Barely There
The only time you'll notice these barely there numbers--a nylon/Lycra combo with a second-skin fit--is when you take them off to shower. They dispose of sweat like water down a drain.

Brooks Gossamer Ped, $10,

6/10 David Lawrence
Gymming: Cushy Cotton
Cotton lovers are a devoted bunch. Stay true with this pair--made of a cotton/polyester blend and sporting a bottom layer of cush to take the jolt out of stair climbing.

New Balance Cotton Color Block Socks, $9 for a 2-pack, for stores

7/10 David Lawrence
Snow Sports: High and Dry
Offering support around arches and ankles, these thin synthetic socks--wear them solo on sunny days or as a first layer on chillier ones--keep feet dry, no matter how much you sweat the moguls.

Burton Lightweight Sock, $18,

8/10 David Lawrence
Snow Sports: Toasty Toes
This toasty wool-and-nylon blend is sectioned to match the needs of a boot-bound foot. Mesh windows keep air flowing, assuring this is one pair you won't kick off.

SmartWool PhD Snowboard Light, $20,

9/10 David Lawrence
Hiking: Blister Bust
Anatomically engineered to fit each foot, these ecofriendly socks--recycled polyester and organic cotton are in the mix--are free of blister-causing seams across the toe. A thin wicking layer cranks the A/C on hikes.

Keen Mt. Airy, $17, for stores

10/10 © Zhenikeyev
Stylish Socks
Your pits aren't the only things that produce sweat when you exercise. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, each foot gets bathed in up to a pint of perspiration during athletic activity (the sweat comes from both your tootsies and drippage from your legs).

Wearing a pair of cotton socks during a workout will leave your feet damp, uncomfortable, and often sporting a blister. Technical socks--while costlier than a six-pack of cotton numbers--can send sweat packing, support your arches, and cushion the blow of every step. Here, eight great new pairs made for running, skiing, and whatever else your body can handle.

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