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1 year ago
Holiday Gifts: What to Give Your Coworkers

Christmas gift: journals
1/10 Lisa Shin
Xenia Taler Chicks mini journal set
Jaunty notebooks are sure to inspire creativity.

Christmas gift: silver pen
2/10 Lisa Shin
Camilla Dietz Bergeron Renato Cipullo silver pen
This pen is whimsical, yet elegant.
$55, 212-794-9100

Christmas gift: cupcake
3/10 Lisa Shin
More cupcakes
These striking confections come in myriad flavors (including bacon!).
$3.50 to $6 each,

Christmas gift: flash drive
4/10 Lisa Shin
FriendsWithYou Mimobot USB flash drives
A cute way to carry important data.
$35 each,

Christmas gift: hourglass
5/10 Lisa Shin
Design Within Reach hourglass
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the minutes of a meeting.

Christmas gift: laptop tote
6/10 Lisa Shin
Cocoon Innovations laptop tote
Compartmentalized rubber sleeve keeps your laptop (and gear) safe and orderly.

Christmas gift: ceramic cups
7/10 Lisa Shin
Rob Brandt Crinkle Cups
Cast in ceramic, "plastic" cups look sophisticated.
$39 to $49 for set of four,

Christmas gift: thermos
8/10 Lisa Shin
Pylones mini thermos
Keep her alert with a perky-patterned thermos.

Christmas gift: postcards
9/10 Lisa Shin
High Line postcard series
Well, this is one way to cut back on e-mail.

This smartphone holder clips to bike handlebars, strollers, and grocery carts so there's no excuse for unanswered emails.

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