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10 months ago
Here’s why you should not perform ab exercises everyday

If toning your abs is your New Year resolution, don’t just do ab exercises every single day. Those ab exercises may not be the best way to chisel your middle. In fact, when you do those ab exercises every day you could be causing more harm than good. Fitness expert Sagar Pednekar from Gold’s Gym India tells you how.

Why should you not perform ab exercises every day?

Yes, you need to strengthen your core not only for a flat belly but also for a good posture, improved balance and to relieve lower back pain. But like all other things, too much of ab workout is bad and can negate all the benefits of core strengthening if overdone. Every time you perform those ab exercises you create micro-tears in your muscles. Remember that your muscles need time to heal and by doing the same exercise over and over again or working out the same body part you won’t make more gains.

Also, if you are doing something like a sit-up you may try to add a lot of variations that can easily pull a muscle or cause slip disc in your spine if you try to add twists to your crunches or throw your legs in the air. So by performing those ab exercises every day, you may be more likely to get injured. Here are 5 reasons you are not losing your belly fat. 

How many times a week should you perform ab exercises?

So perform the ab workouts every alternate day. Working out those ab muscles just 3-4 times in a week can be just enough. Also, remember that lifting lighter weights and doing more repetitions is not as effective as lifting heavier weights for few repetitions. So if you are using strength training to tone ab mus use heavier weights and do 8-10 repetitions of four to five sets to work your muscles to fatigue. Also, try sprinting for 20 minutes to lose belly fat. 

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