Here’s What Our Kids Loved About Disney-Pixar’s Coco — Seen The Movie Yet?

When you hear of an animated movie, people automatically assume that it’s a cartoon film that is made for and to is enjoyed by kids only. But Disney-Pixar proved that assumption to be incorrect when they released their new production Coco last week. With stunning animation, awesome music and a story-line that kept everyone glued to the screen, Disney-Pixar has delivered a winner that cuts across different age groups.

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Coco is about a young boy called Miguel and his dream of becoming a world-famous musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.  This is an exciting but emotional journey of Miguel as he sets out to follow his dream on the Day of The Dead. Miguel Rivera, the hero of the movie is born into a traditional Mexican family. They have been making shoes for a living for generations now. But that is not Miguel’s dream. However, Miguel’s great-great-grandmother was abandoned by her musician husband and the Rivera family has a strict policy that doesn’t permit music to be a part of their lives.

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3 Things We Learnt From The Movie Coco

Follow Your Dreams

Miguel’s desire to become a musician prompts him to take part in a musical talent show in the hope of walking in the footsteps of his idol. So on the Day of The Dead, that’s what he does -borrows a guitar from the shrine of that greatest singer, Ernesto de la Cruz.  The point is that you shouldn’t give up on what you really want in the face of opposition. Do what makes you happy because then you work at it the hardest.

Your Family Is Forever

Miguel has grown up in a Mexican household where family values and tradition play a very important role. When he enters the Land of the Dead, he gets to meet his extended family, as well as Ernesto and Frida Kahlo. He meets people from his family who have died and learns the real story behind his family history. It’s an ode to family ties on the Day of the Dead – Dia de los Muertos.  This day is meant to illustrate how families celebrate and honour — and remember — their dead loved ones.

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You Never Know Where You’ll Find Good Friends

Miguel meets Hector, a charming trickster who lives in fear of not being wanted by anyone among the living. Their friendship is full of fun and despite the obvious ‘age’ gap between being the young Miguel and old Hector. Also, Dante, an endearing dog accompanies Miguel to the Land of the Dead and helps him. It’s not always about who’s the right person to be friends, you never know at which point in your life you’ll find the most unlikely friend who’ll stand by you and help you when you need it the most.

This movie is a must watch for everyone. So round up the family and head to the closest movie theatre to have some fun.

You can watch the trailer below to get an idea of the fun in store


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