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11 months ago
Health benefits of Patchouli essential oil

The world of essential oils is magical. Full of so many health benefits, right from skincare to helping suppress diseases, different essential oils have different health benefits. Patchouli essential oil is one such essential oil that has a bundle of health benefits that will surprise you. Extracted by steam distillation of Patchouli plant leaves, its properties are amazingly useful. Here are a few health benefits that you should know.

Helps uplift the mood and relieves stress

Patchouli essential oil is very popular in aromatherapy and according to studies, it works wonders for people suffering from stress and depression. It uplifts the mood and relaxes the nerves. Inhaling patchouli essential oil has reactions in the body and mind by stimulating the release of pleasure hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

Soothes Inflammation

Patchouli essential oil not relieves inflammation and irritation as a result of fever but also provides relief from the fever itself. It is also a major ingredient used in medications used to treat skin conditions and conditions like arthritis and gout.

Prevents Infections

Patchouli essential oil is a very well-known protector from wounds and ulcers from developing into becoming a major infection. This is probably the main use of this essential oil. It even helps to fasten the healing process of cuts and wounds.

Beats body odour

Patchouli essential oil has a strong sweet yet spicy fragrance and helps mask body odour. It is used in diluted form by various cologne and perfume companies.

Astringent Property

Patchouli essential oil is a powerful essential oil in terms of stimulating the contractions of nerves, muscles, and skin. It is used for strengthening the hold of gums and also in various beauty products that help prevent sagging skin and hair loss.

Inhibits Fungal Growth

Patchouli essential oil is very helpful in terms of curbing fungal growth and infection. According to research, it can help get rid of infections like Athlete’s foot. Fungal infections in the respiratory systems can also be diminished by inhalation of this essential oil.


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